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In Athol Fugard’s 1978 play, A Lesson From Aloes, the aloe is used allegorically as a tool for trying to establish a sense of place in a country with so much racial conflict.   

In isiXhosa, Aloe ferox is named Ikhala. It is beautiful, strong enough to survive harsh, dry conditions and has well-known medicinal properties. In the Eastern Cape, it features as a symbol on car number plates, and it also appears on the medal for the Order of Mendi – a national honour for bravery. Aloes have featured in San paintings dating from 5 000 to 2 000 years ago, and medicinal use of the plant is recorded in Egypt from as far back as 3000 BC as well as being referenced in the Bible. 

Such is the importance of the aloe genus in the South African landscape and in the world. 

The aloe is a member of the Asphodelaceae family and is sometimes referred to as “the plant of immortality” as it can live and bloom without soil. Their flowering time is predominantly from May to August, and their height varies from a few centimetres to 4 metres. Originating from southern and eastern Africa, Madagascar and the Arabian Peninsula, there are more than 550 naturally occurring species in the world. 

Planting aloes in your garden

Aloes like a tropical climate with no frost and can withstand high temperatures and limited water. Their preferred domain is rocky outcrops. 

Not only are they loved for their vivid colours, statuesque forms and hardiness, but they are often the main source of food for some birds during winter. Sunbirds flit around the flowers enjoying the sap and it is always worth having at least one aloe in your garden to enjoy the birds they attract.  

When planting them domestically, they do not need rich soils – although they will benefit from them – and they need up to eight hours of sunshine a day.

Healing effect

The sap from the Aloe vera plant is enormously important for its healing properties. Aloe vera gel treats mild burns, and Aloe vera in toothpaste treats candida, plaque and gingivitis. It can also help with the eradication of acne.   

Extract of Aloe vera juice added to smoothies or mixed with fruit juices helps with hydration, which leads to improved liver function, and it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins B, C and E. Aloes are the only plant source of Vitamin B-12, which makes it an excellent supplement for vegetarians and vegans.  

Added to this, Aloe vera controls the secretion of acid in your stomach, reducing heartburn and combating gastric ulcers. It does not contain sugar and has only a few calories, so the dietary benefits are there. 

And so, the aloe reigns: interplanted with crassulas and cotyledons and echeveria, they make the most splendid show of colour during the winter, silent figures that add structure to the garden. And who knows, extrapolating from Fugard’s play, could the magnificent aloe possibly be a vehicle for peace in a tempestuous society? 

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