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Mossel Bay
12th Aug 2022
Health & Beauty

Beauty from within

Stress can and does affect a person’s well-being, we are always on the lookout for ways to escape the aspects of our lives that trigger our stress levels.

Have you ever come across the term ‘Complimentary Therapies’?

Techniques and practices that fall under this group of therapies are Indian Head Massage, a unique technique that consists of applying specific hand strokes to the head, neck and face that can help ease migraines, sinusitis, and shoulder and neck pains. There is the art of Ayurvedic Facial, a soothing and relaxing way of balancing the “doshas” (vital forces circulating through the body) which rejuvenates the facial muscles, giving a natural face-lift. Here coconut, olive or sesame oils are normally used.

There is also Reflexology which works on the “reflex points” of feet and hands that correspond to organs in the body, this is a non-invasive touch, that can ease digestive troubles, back problems, improve circulation, calm the nervous system, ease aches and pains and is extremely relaxing! Lavender or jojoba oils and a mild powder are commonly used to perform the pressure strokes.

Give one or all of these therapies a try. With a more relaxed and stress free you, who knows what other ailments or problems might just disappear.

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