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Mossel Bay
8th Feb 2023
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Many of you who read this column whizz along the N2 glancing first at the Great Brak River, then at the Little Brak River and then on to Mossel Bay or beyond,  totally unaware of what happens in between apart from a hillside of houses. The area is rather obviously referred to as Mid Brak, and it comprises a number of suburbs. It has a beautiful rocky beach for exploring, and for swimming in the gullies and pools, with glorious sandy beaches on either end. Little Brak is actually included in Mid Brak.

Due to modern trends to build on as much of your property as possible, our natural areas are dwindling, but we do have some open space. Fortunately there is a small but active Conservancy working at keeping those open spaces pristine and usable by the residents. We have a Facebook page, Midbrak Conservancy/Bewarea, and a WhatsApp group (061 683 9460) where we encourage interaction and sharing of knowledge or exciting finds. So, if you live in the area and want to know more, or if you are environmentally conscious and can contribute, look us up! We hope to be organizing some beach and trail walks in the near future.

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