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5th Jun 2023
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Conservancy lends Helping Hand to Child Welfare

Spring has definitely arrived bringing with it an opportunity for the Conservancy to the give the garden belonging to Child Welfare a much needed Spring cleaning.
Child Welfare plays such an important role in the Great Brak River Community and the Conservancy decided, as a token of appreciation, to give the small garden belonging to the Child Welfare a bit of a makeover. A number of alien invasive plant species like Port Jackson were cut back and treated against future coppice with herbicide. In preparation for the planting of new plants the water thirsty weeds and Cannas were removed from the overrun flower bed and cow manure was dug in. A large Seringa tree (also alien invasive) was cut down with a chainsaw and it’s wood now finds itself as a feature in the redesigned flower bed out in front of their building. Indigenous plants that were kindly sponsored to us by the Ornamental Garden Nursery now find their place front and centre in the garden, replacing the aliens and weeds, and provide a beautiful splash of colour. A big thank you must be given to the Ornamental Garden Nursery for coming on board with this project. Their extremely kind contribution of indigenous plants has made a huge difference to the face of Child Welfare. The next time you are in that part of town along Station Road, be sure to pop in at Child Welfare and have a look at what the Conservancy achieved in the garden. While you are there, why not introduce yourself to the hard working team and see where you too can make a difference.
With summer being just around the corner, be sure to be Conservation minded when heading outdoors. Take your rubbish back home with you when you go to the Beach or River instead of leaving it behind, plant indigenous plants to replace alien invasives and be sure to be mindful of snakes coming out in the warmer weather.

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