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Mossel Bay
1st March 2024
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Fossil Tracks Along Our Coast

Dr Charles Helm is a palaeontological researcher who has made numerous fossil discoveries and together with his wife Linda, has discovered over 100 track sites, including 90,000 year old human tracks on the ceiling of a cave near Knysna. They are back again this year to continue their search and study of fossil trackways along the Cape south coast.
Hear about the latest discoveries and see proof of which animals roamed our area many, many years ago. You will be amazed! Lions, elephants, giraffe and even some extinct animals!
The talk will take place on Thurs 22 Nov at 18:00 at Ilita Lodge, Great Brak River.

Featured Photo by Dr. Charles Helm: View of intertidal zone and Indian Ocean from within the cave. Arrows indicate carnivore tracks on the cave floor.

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