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Mossel Bay
12th Aug 2022
Arts & Culture

Foto Focus: Upside Down

An easy way to improve your eye for image composition is to turn your image upside down. What this does is change the image into an abstract pattern. This allows you to see more clearly shapes, lines and patterns, and how they fit in the frame and relate to each other, or do not, whichever the case may be. You see shapes for what they are, just shapes and if they are balanced and there is harmony, your image will look even better once it is the right way up.

This image of a road leading to the Gamkapoort Dam wall, the gorge framed here has distinct shapes made up of a number of angular, curved and wavy lines, some bolder than others. Viewed upside down they are seen quite clearly.

The only access road to the Gamkapoort Dam Wall is through a magnificent pass.

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