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26th May 2019
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Good Driver & Putter

Spend Money on a Good Driver and Putter

Technology has allowed Drivers to be VERY forgiving, so invest in a good driver which will add distance to your game. Do a BALL TEST to determine which ball you should play with, this can add twenty metres to your game as many players play with too hard a ball. Also a good putter will help by reducing your putting strokes by as much as 40%, unless you are a good putter already. Putters now go for up to R 12 000.00 (for example Kramski) but can also save strokes if you know how to use them. The biggest addition to golf in the last twenty years, are Hybrids, they are easy to hit, consistent and forgiving. Technology does make a difference. Get ready for spring and analyse your equipment, re-grip your clubs if need be, this should be done every two years to create better FEEL.

Happy Golfing.

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