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29th May 2023
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Great Brak River Neighbourhood Watch

Great Brak River Village now has a functional neighborhood watch. It has the blessing of the Station Commander Captain Dyanti, and is recognized by the Sector and CPF, our area been Great Brak Village including the Plots in Sandhoogte Street.  We do however work with other neighborhood watches in the area especially in the event of an incident happening where we need help. There is an OPS group that is run by Nathan Eybers who coordinates all activities in the village so far as the patrolling and other projects go.

With crime an everyday part of our lives, residents are taking back their streets by joining the Great Brak Neighbourhood Watch. “Neighbourhood watches work.” Should you want to be an active member being involved in car patrolling or a block watch controller, to a person who just has ears and eyes for his direct and street surroundings, you can contact Andy Rijavec on 0836010060, Robert Folmer on 0834128716 or Nathan Eybers on 0798436651

“It’s about the decision to take some level of responsibility, and about acknowledging that the police and security companies can’t be there 24/7.” “The people who live and work in the area know the area best.” We are the ears and eyes of the Police, not an armed response group. The Police have been trained in apprehending criminals, and we can only assist them as to information we supply. “By being alert, active and serious about our efforts we can and will get the message out to the criminals that we dominate our areas and know when they are around.”

“If you feel that you can give an hour or two per week or month, please contact any of the above numbers and we will talk you through the process in joining the neighbourhood watch. 

Let’s Keep Great Brak River “GREAT”

Caption: Great Brak, Mid Brak and Captain Dyanti meet up and exchange notes

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