18th Feb 2020
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Holiday times!

Hooray for the holidays, our towns and villages are bursting at the seams, full of family, friends and strangers coming to enjoy the splendour of our mountains, beaches and forests. There is so much to offer in our beautiful Garden Route.

Forest paths to wander on, beaches to swim and fish on, old passes to drive over and just amazing scenery wherever you look. What better than to pack a picnic and head into the open spaces. There are also Museums in Mossel Bay, Great Brak and George that you can include in your fun.

Our fervent wish is that you find all these places pristine and litter free and that you leave them that way when you head home. It’s not always the case as Sage and Veda found when they did a cleanup of their stretch of beach, what a haul for a relatively short piece of beach! We are also a water stressed area so you can help by being careful with your water usage.

Wishing you a wonderful and joyous festive season!

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