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3rd Oct 2023
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When life’s circumstances drop us to our knees, we feel a loss of hope. However, by understanding that hope is a choice, we can cope better and keep it alive. Here are some ways to practice hope, especially during hard times:

  • Express your feelings

Express your feelings or write them down in a journal – this helps release the negative emotions that are causing you to feel less hopeful. When negative emotions arise, try not to judge them. Rather, shift your attention to the future. Can you plan a trip? Indulge in a creative hobby? Each time you think about what’s possible, you will feel more hopeful.

  • Look for hope in unexpected places

Take a good look around you. Hope is in our playgrounds, at our coffee shops, in the books we read, in our friend’s voice. Create a challenge today to look for hope in your daily routine, and notice your spirits lifting.

  • Cultivate optimism

If you’re an optimistic person, you’ll enjoy a higher quality of life and better physical and mental health. So, focus on your strengths, maximize your successes, challenge self-sabotaging thought patterns by creating new ones that empower you, and look at all the possibilities in your life, not the limitations.

  • Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude can make you more hopeful. Thinking about all that you are grateful for puts things in a new and happier perspective.

  • Go outside to look at nature

Have you ever looked at a flower or sunrise and felt a rise of hope? We see that no matter what the sun and moon appear, birds sing, grass grows and the seasons change. We can also rely on a new day bringing us a fresh start, a chance to make a change, get it right and say what needs saying.

  • Do a random act of kindness

Kindness gives hope to others. You feel good and so does the person receiving your kind gesture. Any act of kindness will give a rise in hope for the receiver and the giver.

  • Take some time for self-care

Loving ourselves can be a challenge any time but especially during hard times. Notice your negative self-talk and work to change it, believe in yourself and your capabilities, engage in self-care by meditating, exercising and eating better. Finally, visualise the life you want and commit to making it happen.

  • Get to know yourself

Self-knowledge means knowing what you value, what makes you happy and what your unique talents and skills are. This inner wisdom invites healing and transformation which gives you hope for a better future.

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