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1st December 2023
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On the 8th December a High Chair specially made for the Lifesavers on our Main Beach was delivered and inaugurated. This chair was sponsored and manufactured by the Great Brak Business Forum, Great Brak Neighbourhood Watch, The Rate Payers Association and Caws 4 Paws. With the Chair was a Cooler Box for water and cold drinks, a dustbin for litter left on the beach by our visitors, a notice board on which important relevant information is written by the persons on duty and an umbrella to protect the observer from the sun. A High chair is the most important item as our lifesavers also need to watch the beaches towards Southern Cross and Hersham where people often swim rather recklessly.

Transport for twelve Lifesavers was also supplied by Barries Transport every day, from Greenhaven SPAR De Dekke kindly sponsored them with cold drinks, apples and ice for the cooler box.

Our Life Savers were well trained and fit for swimming, surfing, applying CPR, Basic Medical  Aid and keeping a watchful eye on the beaches and the behavior of visitors. Who else was there to turn to if a child got badly burnt at the Picnic spot, cut their feet on broken glass, needed treatment for Blue Bottle stings or even should a heart attack occur? They were also our eyes and ears for possible criminal incidents. Their knowledge of the sea and the currents is excellent. Three times a day at least two of them would swim far out together to assess the direction and strength of the currents and surf.  This is how they determined the position of the swimming flags.

On the 1st of January a public demonstration was arranged so that visitors could see their capabilities and also motivate our lifesavers,re-enforcing the very important role that they are planning. Putting your own life at risk to save others is a special gesture. Here we realized how important a high Chair was.  From that advantage point the guide could flag the swimmers to the “drowning” patient. The swimmers had to enter at an angle and try and catch the current to assist their efforts to the patient, who with the swell and waves was difficult to spot in the water. Positioning the patient on the Spinal Board after being landed on the beach also needed a disciplined approach. CPR and Heart Massage followed.

The spectators realised that our lifesavers are very skilled and capable and play an important role towards Safety and Security on our Beaches. Let us salute them and thank them for their contribution!

Their club is always in need of funds in order to supply them with the right tools to perform their duties efficiently and if anybody would like to donate to this worthy cause, please call Freedle Muller on 073 287 8504 or send an SMS to 065 304 5492.

Photo captions:

PIC 1: Representatives of the various organisations of Great Brak who sponsored the Safety High Chair with the two lifesaving club leaders Branville Abrahams and Freedle Muller.

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