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1st December 2023
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With climate change, global warming and the reality that plastic is entering our oceans at a rate that could one day outweigh the fish in it, being fact, what can be done? According to some schools of thought the answers are right in front of us and the solutions lie within our choices and actions. Simply put, more trees and less plastic.

September is a very active month for the environmental calendar, both locally and internationally. Here in South Africa we have Arbor Week during the 1st week. An entire week dedicated to the planting, preservation and appreciation of trees which we should all take advantage of. Trees form an integral part of ecosystems as well as play an important role globally. Trees absorb harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, removing and storing the carbon and releasing oxygen back in to the air. In cities trees can reduce overall temperatures by up to 8 degrees, drastically reducing the effects of Global warming. The Great Brak River Conservancy has organised with the municipality to have trees planted alongside Amy Searle street this Arbor Week. These trees will need the community’s involvement to give them a good chance of survival. Both the Conservancy and municipality encourage the public to adopt these trees into their families, lives and routines by giving them our protection and watering them whilst they take root and settle in. Let’s all give these trees the water and love they need. If we all get involved in the watering and responsibilities of these trees they will look after us in the future.

The third Saturday of September, 21st this year, is recognised around the world as International Coastal Clean-up Day. As a wave of plastic washes from land into the sea we all need to start making serious decisions about where we as an individual and as a community stand when it comes to the choices we make about plastic use. Becoming involved in this year’s International Coastal Clean-up Day is one of these choices.
The challenges we are faced with, in today’s day and age, are daunting especially if we view it from a global perspective. Things are always difficult until they are easy but one person can make a difference and everyone should try.. just remember to think local…More Trees, Less Plastic.

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