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3rd Oct 2023
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Customer service is of the utmost importance to any business, especially during times when many businesses are suffering or facing closure. How successful is your business based on the following questions?

  1. Would clients be likely to recommend your business to friends and family?
  2. How would clients rate their overall satisfaction with your business, even if you did not have the product or item they were looking for?
  3. Do you acknowledge the presence of clients when you cannot attend to them immediately?
  4. Is your staff competent, eager to assist and friendly?
  5. Is there a dress code or rules about general appearance for your staff, even if they do not wear uniforms?
  6. Do you help your clients by walking them to the product they are looking for or do you leave them with an unsatisfactory reply?
  7. Do you offer to phone them back and do you do this timeously? Alternatively, do you ask one of your staff members or secretary to do this on your behalf, even if it means leaving a voicenote or sending a WhatsApp message? Any reply would be more satisfying than no reply.
  8. Do you reply to emails promptly with
  9. a read report
  10. a request to be removed from a mailing list
  11. a satisfying answer to a query
  12. an indication that you appreciate the communication but that you are not interested in a product or service for the time being and will initiate contact when you are ready?
  13. What distinguishes you from businesses that are in the same trade as yourself? Have you created a point of difference through pricing, a feel good experience, your attitude and by leading by example when it comes to your staff?
  14. Does your website/Facebook page reflect updated and current business details?
  15. Do you care enough about your business and your customers to remain open to criticism or suggestions even if you feel it is undeserving?

Do not use COVID-19 as the reason why customers do not return to your business. A lot can be done as a business owner or as staff to guarantee happy clients, ongoing support and ensuring that you have a business to return to every day. You and your staff determine the success of your business.

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