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Mossel Bay
29th Jan 2023
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How often does our Youth have dreams but decide to give up on them because of that ugly word that comes to their mind? “Impossible”

How often do we get caught up in the poverty mindset and accept that our circumstances determine our future?

How often does opportunity knock on our door and we don’t open because the comfort zone is too precious to us?

These are the questions that Wonderful SA at the Great Brak River Youth Café presents to the community daily. Our youth developed this crazy idea that they are stuck in their circumstances and that where they are now is what was destined for them.

This is totally wrong!

With each training that takes place new revelations come to light about our interns as well as community members that attend the training at the Youth Café. Whether its acquiring critical skills such as public speaking or discovering a new talent such as music writing or video editing, it all bears fruit that will last an eternity. All it takes is for you to make the decision that you want to see change in your life.

Just recently we had a creative arts and media course through which participants could expect to gain knowledge on how to write songs and record in a studio. Also skills like video editing and sound production was part of the two week course and the result of that training can be compared to something excellent.

We had a few Youth Café interns who took part in the course and a few great revelations were made about them.

It is because of the training that we now have two good video editors who could make a passion filled living and career out of video/film editing. The participants also had to write their own songs and the outcome of that was mind blowing to say the least. We have a few lyrical geniuses on our hands and can’t wait to expose them to greater possibilities. The songs together with their videos will be released in two weeks and there is no doubt in my mind that it will take the community by storm. You will be able to find this on the famous YouTube or the link on our Facebook page (Great Brak River Youth Café).

It’s really a great feeling when the fruits of your labor are bared but first you need to put in the labor. The path to a good future isn’t really as long and hard as it was in the past. All it takes is to get off the couch and walk into the right building. The Wonderful SA Youth Café is one of those buildings. It isn’t too late.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Your intelligence isn’t having fun in your comfort zone. Stop limiting yourself. Make the decision today.

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