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Life is all about choices – perhaps a bit of a cliché, but this take on life from Denise Medved, founder and CEO of Ageless Grace, certainly underlines this principle well.
Denise has used the term stillpoints to describe amazing moments that appear throughout her days, often disguised as aggravation, stress, irritation and agitation. By this she means traffic jams, red lights, stop signs, standing in line at the movies or waiting in line at the grocery store (while the person in the front pays for all the groceries with change!), waiting for the doctor, your dentist, accountant or lawyer (often for long periods!), or sitting waiting for a friend who is late. The list of “stops” in our lives goes on and on.
Sometimes we have no choice but to wait it out. Other times we can choose to stay or leave. But we can always choose to greet the moment with gratitude and say: “Thank you, I have just been given a stillpoint, so what am I going to do with it?”
These are moments when you can just breathe, flex your ankles, or wiggle your toes; look at the beauty of your surroundings; move your head and neck in a way that gets the stiffness out; take the stairs or steps instead of waiting for the lift; choose to relax your muscles to get rid of stiffness and tension.
Other types of stillpoints can be commercial breaks on television. Don’t skip past them or get up to eat a snack. Instead, do some simple exercises – get up and down from your chair or couch, or get down onto the floor and back up again, with some strong and stable support nearby if necessary.
While you are watching television, you can do some foot exercises, roll your foot on a tennis ball (there are 7 000 nerve endings under each foot) or pick up a tissue from the floor with your toes and hand it to your opposite hand. Sometimes, during your favourite show, it is a great time to stretch, wiggle your toes and fingers or move your spine.
So, get creative with your spare moments and make them count towards creating a life for yourself that is filled with greater strength and power, increased ease and grace, less tension and stress, and more relaxation and peace.
Source: The Ageless Grace Playbook by Denise Medved (www.agelessgrace.com)

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