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29th November 2023
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It may feel as if the walls are closing in on you, and there is a need to step outside for a moment or perhaps it is the thought of the open road, which will lead on a journey of discovery not only of beautiful landscapes, a kaleidoscope of new faces, and cultures while walking back in time through history, but a journey of discovery of the self.

Hazel Jonker and I embarked on our 3 week Journey, walking every day, carrying all our gear. Two Ouma’s with an extra shot of tenacity. This journey lived up to all our expectations.

We explored the beautiful countryside, soaked up the culture and history, laughed, sometimes silent as we tackled yet another never ending hill, and savouring the view which opened in front of it.

There was a serenity out there, gentle land, numerous forest paths, meandering under a canopy of trees, such a sacred space, relaxed animals and friendly hosts at our overnight stops.  It was food for my soul.

Approaching Saint Jean, we heard the cathedral bell chiming across the valley and soon we, along with other pilgrims walked through the gate to this atmospheric village.

The highlight was Mass in the cathedral the next morning. The priest conducted the service in song, in Basque and ancient language, while the organist and choir, took us on a journey of sound, which will remain with me forever. What a blessing.

We had walked for 500kms; we had laughed, rested in fields, had deep conversations with other pilgrims, and quenched our thirst at endless fountains as we followed the markers to our destination

The Camino gifted us with spiritual food, inspired us through the beauty of the landscape and friendship.

Don’t hesitate to take a walk, and find the bigness in the smallness of life…..just do it.

I did, and loved it.

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