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21st Aug 2019
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The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Infestation

On a positive note scientists are hoping they may have a partial solution to the polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB) infestation that is decimating our trees, indigenous and cultivated, and the answer may be another parasitoid wasp! But that solution will take time to be implemented. The miniscule but voracious borer beetle, introduced to South Africa from East Asia, tunnels into trees, introducing a fungus as it goes, the combined effect is that the tree dies. A huge problem is that if you don’t realise what has killed your tree and you simply chop it up and/or take it to the landfill site you will be spreading the borer to other healthy trees. The same applies if you decide to use the wood for a braai and take it with you on holiday. It is important to get professional advice about treatment and/or disposal of infected trees from your Municipality or local Agri. There is also well researched information on the internet (PSHB.co.za/what-to-do), as well as illustrations of the signs of infestation.

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