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Mossel Bay
5th Dec 2019
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Winter time saviours

Jazz up your interior with warm colours and interesting textures to create an inviting, cosy indoor atmosphere.

  • Exploit  this season’s winter palette – Bring in shades of berry, mustard and moss in loose cushions and change the scene
  • Texture is key – be it visual or tactile – Enlarged prints of natural or manmade visual textures: Be bold and daring – bring in a focal carpet with a Dutch Baroque feel – (Stock at Hertex Showroom in George.)
  • Textiles like velvets, woven jacquards and felt are trendy and fit in with the wintery  weather
  • Designs are more artisanal – from romantic watercolours, to animal skin designs – Exotic animals meets foliage – bring these fun themes in on loose elements like occasional cushions.

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