Holiday Photo Hints

Get really close to your subject – fill the frame, make it huge and impossible to miss! This is far more impressive than a cluttered, busy scene. Yes, show the surroundings or old fishing boat but also get up close, show the detail of fittings, coiled or frayed rope, chains, textures, patterns made by rust, cracks or old paint, etc.

Reflections in windows or water; shadows and graphical elements can add interest and artistic touch as seen in the picture.

Get down low, even to ground level; try new angles and viewpoints – experiment! Photos of children and pets are generally better when you shoot at their eye level.

Make sure horizons are level and a third from the top or a third from the bottom with the main subject placed either a third or two thirds into the frame. The main point of interest should be where these thirds intersect for the most pleasing aesthetic results. These are guidelines only; don’t be afraid to break the rules!