As the holiday season approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate the joyous festivities and the spirit of giving. However, this December, let’s embark on a journey to celebrate in a way that not only warms our hearts but also nurtures our local surroundings. In the spirit of a green holiday season, consider adopting eco-friendly traditions and practices to make a positive impact on the environment here in the Garden Route. Good choices can go a lot further than just picking up litter when walking on the beach.

  • Deck the halls with greenery

Transform your home into a festive haven without leaving a carbon footprint by opting for sustainable decorations. Choose reusable and recyclable ornaments, or better yet, get creative with DIY decorations using recycled materials. Embrace the beauty of indigenous South African plants for a touch of local flair, contributing to a greener and more vibrant celebration. Alternatively, one can also embrace using alien invasive species by cutting down your own Pine tree or by using invasive species like Blackwood, Eucalyptus and pine cones to create a festive wreath.

  • Gift with purpose

This year one could make a conscious effort to choose gifts that align with your commitment to sustainability and the environment. Consider locally crafted items, support businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility, or even explore the world of upcycled and recycled gifts. By selecting presents that promote sustainability or centre around an outdoor experience you not only show your loved ones that you care but also contribute to a greener economy.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle to minimize holiday waste

The holiday season often brings a flurry of packaging waste and discarded items. Take a stand against excess waste by practicing the three R’s. Minimize single-use items, encourage gift wrapping with reusable materials, and educate your friends and family about responsible waste disposal. Embracing a waste-conscious mindset can turn the holiday season into a time of giving back instead of being just about consumption. Excess food should rather be shared with those less fortunate instead of allowing it to go to waste.

  • Supporting local Green initiatives

Explore the inspiring initiatives within our communities that champion environmental conservation and support local businesses committed to sustainable practices. By amplifying and  highlighting these efforts, we can inspire others to make informed choices that benefit both our local communities and the environment. Small choices like preferring locally sourced firewood from alien invasive  species over shipped in hardwood  has multiple benefits that range from assisting job creation, local biodiversity, water security and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

This December, let’s unwrap the gift of sustainability and make our holiday celebrations a reflection of our commitment to a greener Garden Route. Small, mindful choices can collectively create a significant impact, ensuring that the joy we share during the holidays extends to the well-being of our environment.