The start of spring always means a time of growth, not just in nature, but also for our team at Wonderful SA and the Youth Café.

Our new intern group started finding their feet, and we capped it off with a beautiful, powerful and inspiring team-building weekend. During this weekend the team got to understand their limitations a little better, or, understood that their limitations were often not the edge of their ability, but just the edge of their comfort zones. Each person came away feeling stronger, motivated and encouraged to take on life and its challenges in a new way. This also led to the team working together even better.

We also celebrated Arbour Week, with the Great Brak River Conservancy generously donating some indigenous and citrus trees for us to plant.

We also co-hosted the team from Foundations for Farming, who presented a week-long course in Great Brak on effective farming techniques. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future, and, if all goes well, transforming our veggie patch into a blooming community veggie garden.

Joining the Muse Festival was a lovely highlight too, during which we hosted multiple activities such as painting and arts, a fashion parade, and had renowned stunt performer, Fleur Van Eeden Streicher, demonstrate some stunts from the film industry and entertain our local youths!

Lastly, we are also looking forward to partnering with the Great Brak River Conservancy during the October school holidays, when we will run a competition among the youth to find out about their ideas on how to protect our beautiful natural environment. Please keep an eye out on our social media pages for further details – there will be some amazing prizes to win!

As always, we love meeting with members of our community, so if you would like to be involved at all, please come have a cuppa with us at the Youth Café.