If you as a budding artist, like me, have often felt the pull of the ocean, stopped to smell the flowers on the side of a less-travelled road, noticed the beautiful sights of a glorious landscape – and couldn’t help but feel that you’d love to capture it on paper – watercolour makes a fantastic choice.

All you need is:

  • A pad of watercolour paper
  • A tin of watercolour paints
  • A few select paintbrushes or a waterbrush
  • A bit of sponge or tissue paper
  • Something to press on, and
  • Water in a little bottle or small tub

Put them into a small art carrier bag, take along some refreshments and your creature comforts necessities, and you’re good to go.

Take a photo of your subject of choice, either with your phone or camera, find a quiet spot to sit and paint from the picture or what you see in front of you! Watercolour doesn’t need much detail – even just a quick, basic few sweeps of the brush can become a finished piece. Because it dries quickly and can be done on paper, it is easy to quickly pack up your artwork and move to the next spot. It also doesn’t weigh much, allowing travelling artists to take their watercolour supplies wherever they go, be it on a plane, to the beach, on a hike or camping trip, or even on a walk around a bustling city.