Celebrations, Skills and Awareness

June is Youth Month, and during this month we wanted to celebrate everything youth, while also acknowledging

the challenges that youth face today, through all social circumstances.

With that in mind, we hosted some fantastic skills courses during June, such as barista training.  We also participated with the Mossel Bay Municipality to do Substance Abuse

Awareness campaigns in many of the outlying and rural areas.

This campaign was so powerful, with incredible testimonies from young people about the decisions, good and bad, that led them to where they are today. It was also a good reminder of the facilities available to those struggling with substance abuse. We even had the opportunity to facilitate this at the Mossel Bay Correctional Facility.

We also wanted to celebrate one of our own youth, Simondre Swiegelaar, that worked as an intern of Wonderful SA for the last 2 years, and has now been appointed as an assistant manager at the local Cape Access Computer Centre facility. So much potential!

The Department of Agriculture also partnered with us to do an information session in the rural village Friemersheim, on opportunities for study, work and skills development in the agricultural sector that are available to youth.

During June we also participated in – and provided the main entertainment for the day – a Provincial Youth Expo in Saldanha Bay. Youth and organisations from across the province came together to showcase what is available, celebrate youth and their amazing talent. Well done to our studio team!

As always, we invite each and everyone to pop in to the Great Brak River Youth Café for a coffee and a chat, to see what we do, and join in on our fun, or support what we do!

Great Brak River Youth Cafe is situated on Hibiscus Way in Greenhaven. We are open Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 till 15:00.