August means a new intern team has started at the Youth Café. We want to celebrate these eight young people from our local community – they all went through vigorous interview, selection and volunteering processes before being appointed for the next 12 months.

So if you are a regular at the Youth Café, you would have seen some new faces welcoming you to our facility, or some new faces roaming the streets engaging with the youth or other community members. We look forward to unlocking the strengths of each of these talented individuals, while building their characters and strengthening their personalities.

We would also like to celebrate the fact that all of the previous year’s interns found job placements before or on their departure. We are excited for them and wish them well on their new chapters, and the areas of influence they will have in their respective areas.

We also had an amazing time collaborating with the Great Brak Conservancy, who organised (and paid for) a wildlife expo to take place at the Youth Café. Many joined this fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with some of the creatures with whom we share this beautiful part of the world.

As always, we invite everyone to visit us at the Youth Café, to see what we are busy with or just to come and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee!