Welcome to Greenhaven (including Wolwedans and Greenfields), a rural area situated in Great Brak River. In Afrikaans we are what we call an “agtergeblewene dorpie”, which directly translates to “town that is left behind”. In that sense, we used to be conditioned by that description. Like most of my peers, we used to think we would never have any form of opportunity, especially after we matriculated.

Growing up and understanding how we needed to unlearn that mentality, we can say today that our youth improved in every ground-breaking aspect. If I can use myself as an analogy, here I am writing this article. A self-published, award-nominated author, poet and spoken word artist, a young man who is following his passion. I was the only artist representing the Garden Route at the 2023 annual Cultural Affairs Awards that was hosted by The Western Cape Government (Department of Sports, Arts and Culture).

In recent years we saw people not just excelling academically, but also in sports, arts and more in our town. This is Tyla, winning a Grammy-award at the age of 22! This is Liyema Kika, matriculating with five distinctions and on her way to university. This is Marquin Smart, graduating and becoming a teacher, following in the footsteps of his mother, and also becoming a great rugby player, following in the footsteps of his late father. All of them define greatness.

We are changing the narrative of what is being discussed when they mention our town. We are filled with talent and potential that illuminates the town, a place where young people inspire one another.

As youth, I think we are setting the example for our younger generations and providing them with endless blueprints. Most important, we are conveying a message about self-discovery and following our dreams.

We thank the teachers of our town (including the crèche educators) and our parents for shaping us and supporting our dreams, the mentors and community volunteers that are always ready to go the extra mile for our children.

We refuse to be known for alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and crime as previously believed.

We are the overachievers, and our accolades will make sure that our town will be no longer left behind.


Welcome to Greenhaven, I hope you enjoy your stay!