During March, the Youth Café hosted our quarterly holiday program, to make the most of the last vestiges of summer here in the Garden Route. It is always busy, and it is always a lot of fun! We remain thankful to our partner organisations for the work they do with us to make these holiday programs educational to the youth in our area.

Our talented team of interns also wrote a play to raise awareness and to educate the youth about substance abuse, domestic and gender-based violence, and the power of decisions. During March we got the opportunity to perform this play – for which the team also wrote original music – in a few schools, a house of safety for youth at risk, and in some outlying areas. The play is exceptionally well written and strikes at the heart of many of the challenges and issues young people in our communities face. We invite everyone to come and experience this emotional performance with us next time we perform it!

Lastly, during March we also hosted a business and entrepreneurship discussion at the Wolwedans Community Hall. While it was only the first such event, the discussions and engagement were very positive. We used this as a springboard to launch our very own local “Entrepreneurship Kickstarter Competition”, where the best business idea can win a Kickstarter prize to start an own business or initiative.

As always, we invite everyone to pop in to the Great Brak River Youth Café for a coffee and a chat, to see what we do, and join in on our fun!