At the beginning of 2022 it is apt to celebrate the amazing, uplifting things ordinary South Africans are doing to ameliorate the dysfunctional (non) running of our towns. They’re getting out there and physically doing something about taking our towns back, making them appealing and attractive, places we want to live in.

Among these wonderful South Africans are members belonging to the Knysna Arts Society and the Brenton Mosaic Team, all of whom are busy creating a Knysna Art Route. Then there are the charitable Knysna residents who are replanting municipal verges and flowerbeds, engaging in coastal and estuary cleanups, and providing meals for the homeless.

A great big thumb’s up to all the proactive and artistic people involved.

For more information on the mosaics and other art on offer in the greater Knysna area, contact https://www.knysnaarts.com/knysna-arts-society/.