If the cold weather, children’s holidays and lockdown have left you stuck at home looking for something interesting to do, why not upgrade something in your home to give it new life? It’s bound to cheer you up and leave you feeling mentally refreshed! After all, art makes for the best therapy! Here is an example of something you can do.

How to give old tired shoes new life:

1. Pick your favourite pair of tired shoes and give them a good clean before you start. Canvas shoes are the easiest to paint on but you could also paint on anything from leather to mesh.

2.  Decide on a fun design (you can look at books, magazines or online for ideas to inspire you), and get your materials together.

You will need:

  • the appropriate paints for the material of your shoes
  • a primer or gel medium
  • small-size paint brushes
  • an art liner paint or fabric marker suitable for the material of your shoes
  • appropriate sealant
  • mixing palette on which to mix paint colours
  • appropriate brush cleaner or water in an old cup
  • newspaper or plastic dustbin bag on which to place the shoes while being painted
  • old clothes in case you splash a bit of paint on them

3. Prep your “canvas” with the primer or gel medium and leave to dry completely.

4. Sketch or trace your design onto each of the shoes, and start painting!

5. Once the paint is dry, use your paint markers to do the detail outlining. If necessary, give each shoe a light coat of sealant once the paint and outlining are both dry.

6. Let your new shoes dry completely. Then enjoy wearing them – your unique shoes will bring you joy and refresh your wardrobe!

Other items you can refresh in your home include plant pots, furniture such as shelving, cupboards, bistro tables or bedside tables, storage tins, boring plain coffee mugs, old trays, outdoor or scatter cushions, old lamp-shades and more!