The best way to be creative during the festive season and give something handmade to your loved-ones? Your own hand-crafted jewellery and decorations!

You need:

  • Earring hooks, studs
  • Earring pins
  • Small metal jump-rings
  • Glue gun
  • Small craft pliers, tweezers
  • Beads and/or polymer clay, glaze
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks
  • Festive stickers/decorations, Washi-tape, craft paint and brush, paper tag, ribbon
  1. Choose your designs, lay out what you will need and check that the beads fit onto the pins.
  2. For beads: Put your beads onto earring pins (one for a pendant), then use the pliers to turn the open end of each pin into a small closed-off loop.
  3. Put a metal jump-ring onto one loop. Slide your earring hook onto this, or leave it off for a pendant. Close the ring with pliers.
  4. Or, if using stud earrings, use the glue gun to glue the bead or polymer clay item onto the stud.
  5. For polymer clay creations: Put together your festive design using the tweezers for fiddly little pieces, then pierce a small hole into the top with a toothpick if adding any hook or ring, then let it dry or bake it as per instructions on the clay. Paint clay glaze over for a shiny effect, before baking. Then either glue each onto an earring stud or hook it onto a jump-ring and earring hook.
  6. If your creation is a decoration, loop twine or string onto the jump ring.
  7. If your creation is a gift: Put the item into a pretty little bag/box decorated with craft paint, stickers, glue-on decorations or Washi-tape. Write their name onto the paper tag, tie it onto the wrapping with ribbon and it’s good to give!