Tie-dye your very own T-shirt, beach towel, hat, beach bag, mask or even fabric sneakers. You can buy complete Tie-dye kits – enquire at your nearest craft shop:

  1. Choose your design and dye colours. There are many inspirational design ideas online and in magazines.
  2. Make sure your item to dye is 100% cotton. Synthetic fibres don’t dye well.
  3. Tie up your item with elastic bands as per your chosen design. Either follow your kit’s instructions or use any of the design options online.
  4. Pre-soak your item in water.
  5. Mix each dye separately with water in an old bowl or stainless steel sink, or in plastic squeeze bottles as per your kit’s instructions. Some dyes require hot water, so check your instructions. Don’t forget to put on rubber/plastic gloves so that you don’t stain your hands!
  6. Either put your item into the dye and let it soak if using one colour, or use the squeeze bottles to squirt the different-coloured dyes onto the item as per your chosen design. Turn it over and repeat on the other side, or leave one side, for a faded-between look.
  7. Put the item into a plastic bag or Tupperware, as is with the bands still on. It can sit in the sun to set. Give it time to soak in overnight.
  8. Rinse out the excess dye in cold water.
  9. Allow your item to dry, ideally hanging open outside in the sun.
  10. Give your item a hand-wash on its own before wearing or putting it in the wash. This will get rid of any more excess dye and will act as a check that the colour doesn’t run. Iron it to set the colour further.

Show off your bright new item on holiday and feel those summer vibes!