Crafting can be decorative and functional at the same time! Here’s how to make your own little kitchen clock.

You will need:

  • A nice piece of MDF craft-wood, or plastic, wood, flat ceramic, or even a piece you’ve made from plaster of Paris or resin, as the backing for your clock. Make sure you have a hole in it for the clock mechanism to fit through.
  • Clock mechanism of appropriate length
  • Clock hands of the correct length for the clock face, including seconds-hand
  • Clock face, numbers or dots
  • Project glue
  • Craft or chalk paint, paint pens, varnish
  • Paint brush and varnish brush
  • Hanger, screws and screwdriver, or counter stand
  • Batteries to fit the mechanism, usually 1 x AA
  • Your design theme idea
  1. Paint your clock backing, let it dry and do your artwork, let that dry completely and then varnish it all.
  2. Screw on your hanger at the back.
  3. Put the clock face onto the front of your backing.
  4. Fit the clock mechanism in through the hole in the backing and screw it on, over the clock face in the middle.
  5. Add each of the hands – first the hours, then the minutes and finally the seconds. Your clock is ready to display!