People have found many fantastic ways in which to engage creatively during lockdown. Abbey Burns Tucker from Atlanta in Georgia, for example, started a series of photos on her Facebook page showcasing a variety of playful situations where her daughters interact with chalk drawings on the concrete. Before long, it became very popular with people on social media all over the world.

It all started when her oldest daughter drew some balloons at the beginning of lockdown. As a keen photographer, she then took a picture of her youngest daughter in it and loved it. They started drawing more and more, and soon realised how much people enjoyed the photographs. They got some of their ideas from the internet, others from friends and family and Abbey also tried to imagine what it would be like to go to places that were impossible to visit during lockdown. The drawings take about an hour to two hours to finish, but the photograph itself can be much more difficult to do – it all depends on how well her youngest daughter co-operates.

Even though she has seen lots of chalk art that are of a higher quality, for Abbey their art is unique because her daughter is immersed in the adventures. What a wonderful way to entertain children and at the same time indulge a love of photography!