Most of us want to take photos that have impact, that are somehow different, especially when visiting popular landmarks and tourist sites.

Take the snapshots and selfies but then go walkabout – survey the scene, look for different angles and viewpoints, maybe interesting foreground detail to include. Reflections can also be interesting – in a puddle of rainwater, windows or maybe in someone’s sunglasses?

The complete view of this spectacular sunset had a bright, colourful sky. Its reflection on the water was considerably darker, with the scene split into two by a very dark, featureless ridge: a “nice” sunset snap but not an image with impact.

By focusing on just the reflection in the water a more abstract, surreal image is created. Framed by the riverbanks, the viewer is invited to explore, maybe taking a while to make sense of it.

So, take lots of pictures while discovering different viewpoints – happy snapping!