Firstly on behalf of the Muse-lin* judges special thanks and acknowledgements must be given to all the establishments that took part.

Thank you for the vulnerability expressed by opening up your establishment to the critique that comes with a culinary competition. As judges we were humbled by your generosity, kindness and willingness to rise to the occasion. The people of Great Brak River can be both proud and privileged to have you feed them on a daily basis. The level of standard as well as variety of dishes and flavours we were presented with during the judging phase are a clear illustration of the talent and skill that resides within the kitchens of Great Brak River.

Please note ambiance, other menu items, front of house service and previous experiences at establishments were not an influencing factor during judging. Judging took into consideration only the dish presented on the day and viewed it from perspectives of use of ingredients, taste, presentation and cooking techniques. All efforts were taken to be impartial and to concentrate on the positive within each dish opposed to critiquing any flaws.

Every establishment can be proud of their kitchen staff, front of house and dish presented. The quality and standard across the board was high.

Taste has been explained as “a subjective feeling with a standard found in its beholder”. With this in mind, readers and residents are encouraged to visit the participating establishments and experience for themselves the variety of dishes on offer. This way they can come up with their own judgements and recommendations using the Muse-lin * competition as their Muse.

And so the moment has arrived! First prize goes to Twin Trees, second to Oom Vetkoek and the third prize to My Beker Loop Oor.

For a full description of all the dishes presented by the 15 participating restaurants in and around Great Brak River, please refer to our website, under Muse-lin *.